Daily Crosswords Solver

DailyCrossswords.org is a website dedicated to provide you daily crossword puzzle answers of the major crossword puzzle games of newspapers. So for example we have daily answers for Penny Dell Crosswords, The Independent Crosswords, Evening Standard Crosswords, The Mirror Puzzles and more to be added soon.

It is a nine letter words beginning with a C and Ending with a D with a pair of S-es in the middle. It’s the crossword puzzle of course, now an obsession for millions of American players, it first started addicting word fans more than a century ago. It’s estimated that 15 million Americans play crossword puzzles every week. Filling in those little boxes to bring in satisfaction or frustration when they aren’t easy to solve.

Every new crossword puzzle that comes up, features a theme, something that hasn’t been done before, some new fresh topic or that maybe has a little humour to it?

The puzzles appears everyday, it goes from relatively easy on Monday to positively Evil on Saturday. The famous Sunday puzzle is the largest of the week, filled with puns, tricks and tantalizing clues.

Why people play crosswords?
There is something in our brains that responds to filling in this little boxes. Finishing a puzzle is very satisfying to us. Our friends at LaTimes Crossword Answers solve the crossword every day too.

If you like puzzle-like and similiar word finding games there is a game which is called Word Connect and here you can find all Word Connect Answers

Do you like to play puzzles in other languages? For example in french the crossword puzzles are called Mots Fléchés and they come in a rather curious type of puzzle. Playing “Mots Fleches” which literally means Crossed Words is a proven way to improve your french skills.